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Fire Protection Inspections

Mid South Fire Solutions's Inspection Department is unique in Louisiana, Texas, and Mississippi because this department is licensed to inspect and test all types of fire protection equipment and systems. Our personnel are professional, highly trained and use the latest technology to assure that our customers receive the most competent inspection possible.

Mid South is one of the few companies that uses field computers with a custom designed program for inspections

Fire Pump Test with a Flow Rig

and testing. Our inspectors are cross-trained in all aspects of the fire protection industry. This allows Mid South to inspect all of your fire protection equipment with less interruption to your business.

Among the different types of systems that we can inspect and test are:

Water-Based Fire Protection Systems (sprinkler systems, standpipe, and hose systems, fire pumps, hydrants, water storage tanks and water spray/foam systems.)

Special Hazard Systems (clean agent systems, Halon, FM 200 systems, FE-13 systems, CO2 systems, dry and wet chemical systems, kitchen hood suppression systems, and industrial dry chemical systems.)

Portable and Wheeled Unit Fire Extinguishers

Fire Alarm and Detection Systems (addressable systems, special detection systems, flame detection systems, ultra violet/infra red detection systems, high sensitivity smoke detection systems, as well as conventional systems.)

Residential and Group Home Systems


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"Authorized ANSUL® Distributor"

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