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SinorixTM - intelligent fire suppression solution

Siemens SinorixTM - The Intelligent Fire Suppression Solution. Protect your valuable assets from fire. Sprinkler systems require high heat to activate, and once activate, can cause more damage. Sinorix suppresses fires by cooling them and without leaving a residue. Also, you can gain a point toward LEED Certification.

Protect Your Business, Important Assets and the Environment with Sinorix

When it comes to fire prevention, most businesses rely on sprinkler systems or, in some cases, a Halon system. Critical areas that contain your most vital assets and operations require a higher level of fire protection. The Sinorix system is an intelligent and customizable fire suppression solution that protects mission critical areas, prevents collateral damage, and enables business to continue as usual.

Superior Detection Technology with Fast Suppression

Our state-of-the-art fire suppression systems work with FirePrintTM Intelligent Fire Detectors, the most highly evolveddetection system available today. These detectors feature advanced micro-processing technology and function similarly to the human brain to discriminate between deceptive phenomena and an actual fire.

Below is a list of Sprinkler Systems we design, fabricate, install and maintain:

SinorixTM - intelligent fire suppression solution
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