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Comprehensive Fire Protection Systemby Siemens

Cerberus™ PRO —
intelligent protection

Fire safety is all about protecting people and assets and securing business processes and continuity. Cerberus™ PRO is an intelligent fire protection system for fast, reliable fire detection, alarm signaling, and control. Its wide portfolio comprises innovative products with intelligent technology. Multi-criteria detectors with our unique ASAtechnology™ offer advanced signal processing, selectable detection profiles, and carbon monoxide life safety detection. This provides superb safety and enhanced protection of people and assets, without the threat of false alarms.

Meeting your requirements

Protecting people and assets reliably with Siemens products
The Cerberus PRO family comprises several control panels, fire detectors, peripheral devices, and accessories. They all have one thing in common: smart, unique safety features.

Answering versatile challenges with powerful fire protection
Cerberus PRO is an excellent ideal choice for a variety of applications. It provides a stand-alone control panel for smaller applications, and networkable panels for larger, complex applications.

Additionally, Cerberus PRO provides a broad range of detectors with more than 20 selectable detection profiles, allowing them to be used in clean or dirty environments. Detectors with the unique ASAtechnology provide outstanding detection reliability and protection against false alarms – even in demanding environments. Additionally, their selectable detection profiles and dynamic algorithms interpret signals in real time. Innovative technologies such as forward and backward light scattering and redundant sensors further increase the detection capability and reliability of Cerberus PRO detectors, ensuring the safety of people and assets, as well as the very survival of businesses.

Planning and commissioning made easy and cost-efficient
Cerberus PRO is a flexible and scalable fire protection system that can be easily adapted to new conditions, and grows along with your requirements.

For example, the ASAtechnology detectors are adaptable to the expected environmental conditions, deceptive phenomena, and fire risks. Should the building layout or space utilization change in the future, these fire detectors can be adapted by simply changing the detection profile. Furthermore, the networkable control panels allow system layout changes even at a later point in time, without significant additional planning effort required.

Servicing Cerberus PRO is both time and cost-efficient. Remote analysis and evaluation of the system reduces on-site maintenance to a minimum. With remote diagnostics, service visits can be planned more effectively, as the service engineer will know which parts are needed before coming on site.

Relying on Siemens experience
Siemens is known for innovation, technology leadership, and superior quality. We were the first manufacturer to offer automatic fire detectors. Our products are backed by 160 years of experience in fire safety and the knowledge we've gained through worldwide installations. We will continue to further extend our Cerberus PRO product portfolio and compatibility with future add-ons, ensuring a safe investment.

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  • One detector portfolio to cover all application areas, from clean to dirty
  • Reliable detection without false alarms due to selectable detection profiles, unique forward and backward light scattering technology, and redundant sensors
  • Stand-alone and networkable control panels for applications of various sizes
  • Flexible and scalable fire protection system can be adapted to new conditions and expanded at a later point in time
  • Efficient system maintenance thanks to remote analysis and evaluation
  • Superior, high-quality products from Siemens

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