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Comprehensive Fire Protection Systemby Siemens

Comprehensive safety
with powerful panels

A cost-effective panel for small applications
Cerberus PRO offers a cost-effective stand-alone fire control panel for smaller, simpler applications. You can connect up to 50 detectors and peripheral devices. The detectors can be connected either via one class A or two class B CNET circuits. Notification devices can be connected either via one class A or two class B Notification Appliance Circuits (NAC). An RS485 connection allows you to install remote terminals to review and operate the panel from another location in the building. Additionally, the built-in Digital Alarm Communication Transmitter (DACT) sends system information to off-site monitoring stations.

Networkable panels for higher flexibility
With the networkable control panels from Cerberus PRO, you can easily accommodate larger, complex applications. Depending on the control panel, you can connect up to 504 detectors and peripheral devices. Up to 16 panels can be networked via a SAFEDLINK. This makes Cerberus PRO a flexible and scalable solution that lets you easily and quickly react to future changes in building structure. Additionally, the networkable panels can also be integrated into a management station from Siemens.

Protecting the smart way
The fire control panels combine high security standards with the latest technology. The intelligent auto-configuration function supports finding the connected devices – automatically.

As a result, Cerberus PRO offers instant fire detection capability without delays created by manual configuration. In addition, the networkable control panels have an integrated degrade mode that is automatically activated. It ensures that notification appliances or other outputs are activated in the event of failure, and that alarm conditions of connected C-NET devices are forwarded via the SAFEDLINK – and thus reach security personnel, occupants, or the fire department on time.

Realizing solutions simply and quickly
Cerberus PRO control panels offer unique features that let you quickly put a system into operation from one access point. For example, you can manually adjust the detection profile of each connected detector at the control panel.

Operating control panels intuitively for greater comfort
Emergency situations are stressful. This is why Cerberus PRO control panels and fire terminals are easy and intuitive to operate. They display the required information in a clear and comprehensible way. Customized messages are easy to understand and follow in the event of an alarm.

Improving service efficiency
Cerberus PRO can be remotely analyzed and evaluated from any standard PC. This reduces the maintenance effort and the number of on-site visits. Thanks to remote diagnostics, the service engineer knows which materials will be needed before coming on site. This translates into timeand cost-efficient servicing.

Expanded features available
The Cerberus PRO networkable control panels can be easily expanded to include the following features:
– Releasing module for a pre-action deluge or clean agent extinguishing system
– The system's NACs can be expanded from two to four with the expansion module
– The optional DACT sends system information to off-site monitoring stations
– The SAFEDLINK can also use fiber optic cable for communication between panels

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  • Stand-alone and networkable solutions provide a panel for every need
  • Auto-configuration for instant fire detection capability
  • Networkable panels have integrated degrade mode to communicate alarms over the SAFEDLINK
  • Remote evaluation and diagnostics for increased service efficiency
  • Clear text display supports intuitive, stress-free operation in case of an event
  • Can be integrated into the Siemens management system

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