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Fire Sprinkler Systems

Mid South Fire Solutions(MSFS) has over 150 years of combined automatic fire sprinkler system design experience. Our design team consists of highly trained and licensed personnel. All of our designers are certified by the National Institute for Certification in Engineering Technologies (NICET). MSFS also has 3D design capabilities throughout our design Team. This allows us to see over, under, into spaces that save you time, money and delays during installation. Our design team has the knowledge and the experience to design fire sprinkler systems from a single head system to fire sprinkler systems for the largest industries, from buildings below grade to high-rise office buildings, and from water supply systems to multiple-fire pump foam-based systems.

A Fire Sprinkler on a Blueprint

Once the fire sprinkler system design part is finished, it then goes to the authority having jurisdiction over the project for approval and then our in-house fabrication plant (Mid South is the only company in the Arkansas, Louisiana and Texas area that has this type of facility). Having our own fabrication plant saves time and reduces errors between designer and fabricator. This also allows us excellent control of quality and schedules.

After fabrication, our fire sprinkler system installation team takes over. Mid South Fire Solutions has its own fire sprinkler system installation and service crews located throughout the state of Louisiana and Texas. Our foremen are outstanding and have an average tenure of 24 years. This experience really shows by the quality and proficiency of our installations.

Fire Fighting Pump Sets Outdoor Pump Room System Installation

Below is a list of sprinkler systems we design, fabricate, install, and maintain:

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Wet Pipe Sprinkler Systems

The standard application for use of a wet pipe sprinkler system being activated by the opening of fire sprinkle heads due to heat is to keep flames at bay until firefighters can arrive and put out the fire. These systems can prevent total loss of business versus a more inconvenience to workflow.

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Dry Pipe Sprinkler Systems

Typical Dry pipe systems are installed in spaces in which the ambient temperature may be cold enough to freeze the water in a wet pipe system, rendering the system inoperable. Dry pipe systems are most often used in unheated buildings, in parking garages, in outside canopies attached to heated buildings (in which a wet pipe system would be provided), or in refrigerated coolers. These systems have air or nitrogen gas in the pipes, water is released when sprinkler head is activated.

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Deluge Sprinkler Systems

Activation of a smoke or heat device, or a manual pull station, signals the release panel, which in turn signals the deluge valve to open, allowing water to enter the piping system. Water begins to flow releasing a dousing flood of water in an instant through an open sprinkler head, nozzle or can be a foam generator. These type of systems are used where fire can spread quickly.

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Pre-Action Sprinkler System

Pre-action sprinkler systems are specialized for use in locations where accidental activation is undesired, such as in museums with rare art works, manuscripts, or books, and Data Centers, for protection of
computer equipment from accidental water discharge. Pre-action systems are hybrids of wet, dry, and deluge systems, depending on the exact system goal. There are two main sub-types of pre-action systems: single interlock, and double interlock.

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Foam Water Sprinkler Systems

A foam water fire sprinkler system is a special application system, discharging a mixture of water and low expansion foam concentrate, resulting in a foam spray from the sprinkler. These systems are usually used with special hazards occupancies associated with high challenge fires, such as flammable liquids, and airport hangars.

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Water Spray Sprinkler Systems

Water spray systems are operationally identical to a deluge system, but the piping and discharge nozzle spray patterns are designed to protect a uniquely configured hazard, usually being three dimensional components or equipment. Examples of hazards protected by water spray systems are electrical transformers containing oil for cooling or turbo-generator bearings. Water spray systems can also be used externally on the surfaces of tanks containing flammable liquids or gases (such as hydrogen).

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Water Mist Fire Sprinkler Systems:

Water mist systems are used for special applications in which it is decided that creating a heat absorbent vapor is the primary objective. This type of system is typically used where water damage may be a concern, or where water supplies are limited.

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Fire Sprinkler Repair & Maintenance

Fire Sprinkler Repair

Our NICET certified fire sprinkler repair and fire system repair team has the education, experience, and certifications to perform all necessary repairs to your existing fire suppression system.

Fire Sprinkler Maintenance

Our NICET certified fire protection maintenance programs are designed to meet each clients needs with annual / quarterly inspections, regular maintenance for safety compliance. Keeping your fire protection system in operational status is an extremely important safety requirement.
Fire Sprinkler Systems available for:
  • Fire Sprinkler Systems 
  • Wet Fire Sprinkler Systems 
  • Dry Fire Sprinkler Systems 
  • Retrofits 
  • Backflow Installation 
  • Underground Systems 
  • Fire System Inspections 
  • Fire System Maintenance 
  • Fire System Repair 
  • And More

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Fire Sprinkler Systems

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